Felicia Smith

Middle Blocker

Class of 2026

2023 Kootenay Zone Team

2024 Team BC Red Select

Six Pack Indoor Volleyball

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Felicia Smith

Middle Blocker


Discipline for Recruitment: Women’s Indoor Volleyball

Height: 6′ 0.5″

Spike Touch: 9′ 8″

Standing Reach: 7′ 7″

Upcoming Schedule

Canada Cup Calgary Alberta 7 Chiefs Sportsplex Centre – July 24-28

Athletic Accomplishments

  • 2024/2025 Jr DINOS Calgary AB - Middle Blocker

    2023/2024 16U FVC Fernie BC - Middle Blocker

    2022/2023 15U FVC Fernie BC- Middle Blocker

  • TEAM BC 16U Red Select July 2024 Middle Blocker
    Team BC 16U High-Performance Camp July 2024
    East Kootenay Champions November 4, 2023 - Fernie Falcons A Team
    Best of the West Kelowna BC October 1, 2023 -Fernie Falcons A Team
    1st Place Churchill Cup Lethbridge Alberta Sept 10, 2023 - Fernie Falcons A Team
    Kootenay Zone Team 2023 15U Middle Blocker

  • Fernie Falcons Junior A Volleyball Team 2023

    Fernie Falcons Junior A Basketball Team 2023

    Track and field

  • Fernie Secondary School
    Graduating Class of 2026
    Would like to pursue Degree in Psychology

  • Kootenay Zone Team 2023 Assistant Captain
    Most Valuable Player 2023 - Elkford school volleyball team
    Most dedicated player 2020 - Elk Valley Wild Minor hockey

  • I volunteered during spring break and summer break with younger volleyball camps ages 7-9 and 10-13

    Assistant coach (volleyball girls)

    Captain on volleyball school team gr 7-9

Athlete Bio

Five words you can use to describe yourself as a high performance athlete.
  • Determined
  • Dedicated
  • Passionate
  • Sincere
  • Driven
Five words you can use to describe yourself off your field of play.
  • Hyper
  • Humerus
  • Playful
  • Inclusive
  • Kind
Describe how you work in a team.

When working with a new or a familiar team I try to be uplifting supportive and eager to grow and support team growth. I have been told I’m a good communicator and teammates often look to me for direction on the court.

Athletic highlights and how you felt when you received them:

A major athletic highlight this year so for me would be getting selected to the invite-only High performance camp in Kamloops and the second step try out for team BC. I was chosen through a selection camp from hundreds of other girls. This has motivated me to try and push harder even when tired to accomplish my goals. I was so proud and excited to get a chance to have this experience.

What are your interests outside of sports? Why do you like them?

Outside of sports I have always like working with and spending time with kids with disabilities. Being around this type of special needs has taught me patience and kindness that I have been able to bring forward in my daily life. I have a special place in my heart for children with disabilities and I hope to work with them as an adult! I have made many special relationships and cherish each one.

Who are your role models and why?

Erik shoji – you can see the pain and sweat and tears he plays through getting up ready to throw himself across the gym next play he has played overseas, in Stanford and recently team USA his push and drive you can seen watching him is incredible.

Madison skinner, She won the Honda Sports Award as the best player in college volleyball in 2023. she has won three NCAA championships in four years of college volleyball, definitely a strong woman I look up to Conquering her first year of college well keeping up with all her training.

Involvement in other sports or extracurricular. Why is it important for you?

Details coming

Academic highlights and how you felt when you received them?

Details coming

What program would you like to attend in school?

Details coming

How do you envision your school life in college/university?

Details coming

Athlete Video

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