Krystyna Cruz


Class of 2024

Six Pack indoor volleyball

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Krystyna Cruz



Discipline for Recruitment: Indoor

Height: 5’5″

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Titans Volleyball Association (2017-2019) (2020-2022)
    Pakmen Volleyball Club (2019-2020)
    Leaside Volleyball Club (2022-2023)

  • Michael Power St. Joseph junior girls volleyball team (2021-2022)

  • IB student (2020-2022)
    Micheal Power St. Joseph honour roll (2020-2021)

  • U17 Nationals Add-On Player (2022)
    Ontario Provincial Division 1
    Tier 1 Gold Medalist (2019)
    US AAU Hocus Pocus Tournament Gold Medalist (2019)
    US AAU Michigan Tournament Gold Medalist

  • Won a YPI grant for Assaulted Women's Helpline (AWH)
    Captain for Titans Energy for the 2021-2022 season

Athlete Bio

Five words you can use to describe yourself on the court.
  • Energetic
  • Encouraging
  • Supportive
  • Hard working
  • Team-player
Five words you can use to describe yourself off the court.
  • Kind
  • Focused
  • Responsible
  • Bright
  • Friendly
Describe how you work in a team with your partners.

When working with teammates, I try my best to make everyone feel included and welcomed. I enjoy being talkative in order to make my teammates feel more comfortable talking to me. I support my teammates any way I can and I always respect my coaches.

Athletic highlights and how you felt when you received them:

One of my best athletic highlights was winning the Ontario Provincial Championships in 2019. I felt very proud of my team, after all the hard work we put in, we deserved this. I was also proud of myself, as I knew I played my best and laid it out all on the court.

What are your interests outside of sports? Why do you like them?

I like to read, I find books can take you on adventures that TV shows and movies cannot. My favourite books are ‘coming of age’ novels.

Who are your role models and why?

My role model is my mother, she has done a lot for me and shows she cares about my brothers and I every day. My mother is very hard working and is always there for me. I want to be like her when I grow up.

What program would you like to attend in school?

When it comes to college/university, I plan on going into a biology program because I want to become a biology teacher.

How do you envision your school life in college/university?

The way I envision my college/university is my going to classes during the day, studying before and after volleyball practice, then in the second semester I will try to get a job in order to provide for myself.

The Six Pack Commitment

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Will provide full email support during the recruiting process.

Professional athletic resume to be provided.
Will pre-screen in order to work with Canadian,  United States and overseas coaches.

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