Naomie McWhinney

Middle Blocker

Class of 2025

2023 Team Quebec

USPORTS # xxx-xxx-5FA

NCAA # xxx-xxx-0128

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Naomie McWhinney

Middle Blocker


Discipline for Recruitment: Women’s Indoor Volleyball

Height: 6′ 4″

Spike Touch: 10′ 1″

Block Touch: 9′ 7″

Standing Reach: 8′ 1″

Wingspan: 6′ 26″

Vertical: 20.2″

Athletic Accomplishments

  • Griffons U18 (2021-2022) - Middle Blocker, starter

    Griffons U17 (2021-2022) - Middle Blocker, starter

  • Team Quebec (Canada Cup) (2023)

    Team Outaouais (2022) - Middle Blocker, co-captain, starter

  • Griffons du Cégep de l'Outaouais D1 (2022-Present) - Middle Blocker, Starter

    Académie Volleyball Québec (2021-2022) - Middle Blocker, Omnium Volleyball Québec Vert & Or silver medalists

    Philemon Wright Falcons (2018-2021) - Middle Blocker, Starter

  • Cadet Beach Volleyball Coaches Award (2018-2019)

    2022 CCAA 2nd best blocker

  • College team assistant captain (2nd year) (present)

    Assistant coach (U16 women's club team)

Athlete Bio

Five words you can use to describe yourself as a high performance athlete.

As an athlete I am DETERMINED to succeed and improve in every aspect of my sport, AMBITIOUS in my goals and aspirations toward my athletic career, COMPETITIVE as I strive to always be the best, CONFIDENT in my ability to improve and surpass my limits, and I am COACHABLE by always being open to and seeking input from my coaches.

Five words you can use to describe yourself off your field of play.

Outside of my sport I am a PASSIONATE and a CURIOUS person, whether it be for reading, travelling or Asian cultures, I am AMBITIOUS, as I have clear goals that I have set to attain, I am also very DRIVEN to learn and progress in order to achieve those goals and I am very STRONG-MINDED because I have a clear idea of what’s important to me and am not prepared to compromise my values.

Describe how you work in a team.

In a team setting, I am someone that can often take up a leadership role and help others that are in need. I am always ready to listen to others and prepared to give suggestions and advice. I have also been told by teammates that I bring a calmness and serenity to the court that allows others to feel at ease during stressful situations.

Athletic highlights and how you felt when you received them:

This year, as a rookie, I helped my Division 1 CEGEP de l’Outaouais team to a bronze medal in the recent Provincial Championships. It felt great to be a key part of a team that developed and gelled over the year and came up with its best performances when it counted. I also finished my first CEGEP season ranked as the top blocker in the RESQ (Réseau du sport étudiant du Québec) and second best in the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletics Association). It was an amazing feeling to be able to see all my hard work pay off. I was also honoured to be selected as co-captain of Team Outaouais by my teammates when we competed at the 2022 Quebec Games last Summer. Knowing that my team trusted me to help lead and support them brought me great pride.

What are your interests outside of sports? Why do you like them?

Outside of volleyball, I am an avid reader. I like to read both English and Japanese literature as well as manga. I find it fascinating that we are able to dive into another world that an author can imagine and feel immersed in another person’s story. To me books are also a great way to discover varying perspectives on life as well as a means to stimulate my own thinking about how I see the world. I am also very much interested in learning about the Korean culture and therefore spend a lot of time practicing reading, speaking and listening to the language. As going to South Korea is a long time dream of mine, I feel that the sooner I can become accustomed to the culture, the more comfortable I will feel when I visit.

Who are your role models and why?

One of my role models is Yuzuru Hanyu, a professional figure skater from Japan. From the first moment I saw him skate on TV, I could feel the passion and the love he had for his sport to the extent of getting emotional whenever I watch him. Every time he sets foot on the ice he gets lost in his own world and skates like it’s his last performance. He is someone that has sacrificed a lot for his career and I admire that and all of his hard work. I am grateful to him for showing me that sport can be more than just a hobby.

Another idol of mine is Lee Ji Eun, also known as IU. She is a South Korean artist that inspired me through her life and her music. In addition to her work as a musician, Ji Eun has proven herself in the acting business as well and having become a sensation to watch on the big and small screen. She has been in the entertainment industry from a very young age and throughout her long career she has stayed true to herself. She has worked tirelessly to rise to the level of fame she has attained, but stays humble nonetheless. I admire her dedication to her craft and her passion to achieve her goals. No matter what challenge is in front of her, she seems to face it head on with the same amount of effort and care. In everything she does, IU excels and does her absolute best, leaving no room for mediocrity. These are the many reasons why I idolize her.

Involvement in other sports or extracurricular. Why is it important for you?

I take Korean language courses through my local Korean embassy as an extracurricular. As for other sports, volleyball has been my main focus for the last couple of years therefore I don’t participate in any other ones full time. However, I have been taking and really enjoying a weekly Martial Arts course as a part of my school program to ensure that I do another physical activity outside of volleyball.

Academic highlights and how you felt when you received them?

Details coming

What program would you like to attend in school?

In University I would like to pursue a program in Asian Studies and linguistics to satisfy my passion for languages and my interest in Korean culture.

How do you envision your school life in college/university?

As a University student, I expect to have the opportunity to learn in a more self-guided environment. I hope to be able to focus on a subject that I am passionate about, as well as be surrounded by people that share similar interests. I anticipate an exciting new chapter in my life full of new experiences and opportunities. I also expect to face the mental and physical challenge of balancing both my school and sport life, but I look forward to pushing myself to reach new heights as well as discover more things about myself. Ultimately, I am excited to be in an environment where I can reach my full potential both academically and athletically.

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